Do you spend hours copying and pasting, debugging formulas, and figuring out where the numbers came from, why this result?

If the answer to either of these questions is “Yes”, then Neos Aware is for you.  Neos Aware is a leading alternative to traditional research approach.  Neos- Aware not only improves speed-to-answer and decision accuracy but it also saves you time, money and headaches by eliminating the need to maintain inventories of spreadsheets, formulation books, hundred formulations to reach one result, unmanaged knowledge.

With Neos Aware, you will:

Write 90% Fewer Formulas

Real-example, just 31 formulas in Neos Aware equals thousands of spreadsheets, the computation time of the model is reduced to a few hours and the result is handled on a single screen. The larger the number of testing gives greater efficiency.

  • Write formula and Restrictions in Natural Language
  • Eliminate Errors
  • Make decisions with Real time
  • Enhance Business Transparency
  • Dramatic cost reduction
  • Manage your raw materials suppliers
  • Centralize the organization knowledge