Neos Aware sets the standard for ceramic body development, research and quality control.  It’s a solution for all organization’s needs – from raw material development, supplier development, evaluation of raw materials price, improve your green initiative, improve quality, decrease cost, cost control, laboratory management, see more.

Neos Aware allows you to quickly make quick changes, add new dimensions, restrictions, optimization objectives), and view unlimited “What if” scenarios without rebuilding your models!  Models require exponentially fewer formulas, and with the software learning every time, reducing complexity and time spent worrying finding errors.  Neos Aware lets you create formulas, making models easy to understand, explain, and audit.

With Neos Aware, you can expect these benefits:

Confidence in the Numbers

Be confident in laboratory tests, where the integrity is ensured and formulation logic is transparent.

Faster Time-to-Answer, Faster Time-to-Decision

Real-time models will answer your urgent business questions. 

Ceramic Body Compositions That Drive Success

Improve cost performance with more accuracy, flexibility and transparent formulations, alternative raw materials, energy cost reduction, and other technological models.

Interactive Optimization and Dashboards

Improve the quality of your business decisions with data-driven, visual analytics.

Controlled Collaboration

Reduce the risk of unapproved and unintended changes. 

Knowledge Transfer

Build institutional knowledge with transparent, self-documenting models.

Get Business Benefits Now!

Forget long developments and research. Neos Aware offers business benefits on a short time basis.