Neos-Aware is a set of tools for modeling ceramic compositions and analysis for professionals in the engineering department, purchasing, general manager, and consulting. It is a unique solution for all your modeling needs and multidimensional analysis laboratory management, raw material management, cost management, quality modeling, risk modeling, data modeling, and more.

Neos Aware allows you to quickly make changes, add new dimensions such as reducing the black core, improving the flatness, change raw material supplier, improve the MOR, etc., and view an unlimited number of scenarios “What if?” without rebuilding your models!

The models require less formulas exponentially, reducing the complexity and time spent worrying and making errors. Neos-Aware lets you create formulas in plain language, making models easy to understand, explain and auditing. It enables you to collaborate with colleagues models.

With Neos-Aware, you can expect these benefits:

Fast time-to-answer

Quickly create special models that respond to the most demanding issues of the body composition. “What if …” scenarios help develop strategies for changing raw materials, process conditions or new market requirements.

Cost Reduction

Create dynamic scenarios that shed new light on previously hidden relationships, trends and points of interest for reducing the cost of raw materials and energy.

Control on Collaboration

Roles and permissions against business risks associated with peer distribution models or external companies.

Greater Transparency

Enjoy the confidence in the logic of the development of their ceramic body, with unique features Neos – Aware.

Development of Ceramic Body that drive success

Improving the performance of the ceramic body composition with more accuracy, flexibility and transparent data managed by the tools of simulation and optimization reducing the cost and improving quality.

The presentations and interactive panels on the Dashboard

Improve the quality of their decisions with the visual analysis of data.

Knowledge Transfer

Build business knowledge models standardized and transparent.

True Perspective in Multidimensional Modeling

Challenges such as viewing multiple scenarios and re-organization of the constraints are handled easily.

Gain confidence and Control

Eliminate errors and confidence values ​​that distort the trust in formulation of ceramic body compositions.

A simple approach to complex problems

Neos-Aware lets you create formulas using the simulation or optimization, which reduces exponentially the number of necessary formulas and make new models easier to understand and audit. Make changes, add new dimensions and display multiple scenarios on the road without recompiling thousands of spreadsheets.

Quick ROI

Making available Neos-Aware on your server, your computer or cloud service that Neos offers, you will be prepared to manage information and knowledge, reduce costs, increase quality and evaluate the energy impacts.