Our projects starting from the concept of transportation” Kilometer Zero”, means that we try to use the raw material near to the factory.

Each raw material is verified and validated, later we analyze the interactions between them

The sophisticated mathematical model is applied then applied to develop, optimize and maximize the results.

The cost saving are always taken in consideration respecting the best characteristics to high performance in the production and for the best tile characteristics.

One of your main services is predict the gas consumption in the kiln for each composition, this gives us an awareness never before known, saving of gas consumption results in business upgrade.

The projects are focusing on the following points:

  • Reduction of Gas consumption in the kiln
  • Reduction of  costs concerning transportation
  • Raw material Cost reduction
  • Milling Cost Reduction
  • Gas consumption in the spray drier
  • Quality increase
  • Productivity increase
  • Simulation of gas consumption in the kiln in different body compositions scenario

All of these objectives to reduce cost are taken into consideration when we are developing a new composition.