Sello excelencia


Neos Aware, our artificial intelligence for ceramic body optimization, has been awarded with the seal of excellence by the European Commision, getting a high score due to its great innovation.

Our software allows Neos to carry out complete technical studies to optimise the best ceramic composition with your raw materials or valorisation of raw materials for the development of your new products, by evaluating millions of possible formulas.

It is easy to get a free study from companies for ceramic body composition, but those studies are very limited, they run a few lab test with some raw materials in a trial and error process. It may seem free but it really can cost your company a lot of money, because a truly optimised formula as tested with our clients can:

– reduce radically your production cost

– increase productivity more than 20%

- increase firing mechanical strength 

reduce tile thickness

- reduce pyroplasticity

- allow a quick response when it is necessary to change some raw material in the formula