Neos Workbench

[title size=»2″ content_align=»left» style_type=»double solid» sep_color=»» class=»» id=»»]Workbench[/title]


Neos Aware Workbench enables a technician to introduce and manage the ceramic tests, and also delivers key features for performing difficult change management and documentation tasks that normally require much time and effort.


[title size=»2″ content_align=»left» style_type=»double solid» sep_color=»» class=»» id=»»]Analysis of Results[/title]

In the classical version, multivariate analysis of results is one of the most difficult stages because the linked results in different compositions bind with multiple properties evaluated.


Neos-Aware translates this set of results into mathematical values, which are then fed into the mechanism of artificial intelligence, from which moment the process of self-learning platform is unlocked and started.


In addition, experimental results are verified on a control chart. This action allows an assessment of the errors and the accuracy of the calculations of a simple and visual way.