Neos-Aware has a powerful module that allows evaluating the energy consumption of a composition against a proposed industry standard composition. This assessment is performed at different production process stages:

Grinding: Rating milling times, in order to increase productivity with the same energy cost or reduce of grinding time with a consequent savings of electricity consumption.

Spray drier: From real knowledge of the energy consumption of industrial spray driers, was modeled estimated consumption for given composition against a standard reference. Thus, you can know the impact of the solid content increase, with the consumption of deflocculant and energy required for drying.

Firing: The modeling has been performed in many industrial kilns, in order to simulate the processes established in the kiln during the firing process (interactions between different modules of the kiln, between the side, top and bottom walls, roller screen effect, atmosphere and composition, chemical reactions during firing, etc.). In this simulation, considering all variables that affect the gas consumption as a result of the formulation (sintering temperature, hold time, bulk density, type of support, percentage of occupied kiln carpet, thickness of the pieces, etc.). Finally, you get a percentage of energy consumption for the new composition, expressed against the standard composition introduced.

With the global trend of insufficiency and rising energy costs, and environmental awareness, the use of this module, enables design compositions with greater reductions of energy consumption and emissions of greenhouse gases to avoid global warming.

For the realization of this module Neos has had collaboration with the ITC (Institute of Ceramic Technology).