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The result of the colaboration between Maincer and Neos has been the new Rotary crusher by blades to disintegrate unfired bisques of ceramic in laboratory test.

The POWDERLAB  allows breaking up dry unfired bisques intro grains. In a subsequent process those grains will be ready for pressing.

POWDERLAB has several advantages:

 Keeps particle size, different from re-grinding the bisque in planetary mills.

– Avoid human mistakes in the case of breaking the bisque with the typical mortar.

– 0% toxicity: as opposed to milling with acetone.


– Avoids incorrectly accepting or rejecting batches of raw materials.

– Improves the control process during the production of slip.

– Improves the procedure of characterization of new raw.

– Eases the traceability and stability of the data over time.


Powderlab Leaflet

Comparison between Industrial Spray Powder and Powderlab Grains

 Video of Powderlab

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