NEOS 430

Neos 430 is a binder which is mixed with the stain color in a percentage between 5-10%. Subsequently, this color is used in the coloring of dry atomized powder. The purpose of this additive is to prevent the reduction in mechanical strength and decrease production losses derived by dry colored wrapped atomized product. The usage of Neos 430, makes MOR equal or higher than usual resistance values.  It is suitable for all the types of colors, not interfering with the color stain behavior. Its grain size being studied for a perfect dispersion of the color stain when wrapping  the dry spray granule, avoiding problems of pieces breakdown or defects in the pressing process.

Used in: Advantages
Colored spray dried granules mixed with stain by dry process
  • Maintain or increase the resultant MOR after drier using any percentage of stain mixed with the spray dry granules
  • Allow to increase the percentage of stain in the mixed with the spray dry powder
Chemical Basis Characteristics
Organic binder
  • Appearance: White powder
  • Bulk Density: 0.6 g/cm 3
Shelf-life Packaging
12 month under proper and dry conditions.
  • Drums of 70 Kg