For the glazed tiles, the organic additives are a solution with low cost.

Neos has different kind of organic additives, produced in synthesis processes, all of them with a high stability to ensure the quality thru the time.

These kinds of additives improve the MOR after dry. Is indicated for monoporosa products, or too other tile technologies.

In the last years, the ceramic trend is produce rectangular big sizes, this circumstance make more difficult find the ceramic body composition adapted to produce sizes more than 30×60 cm, like 30X90 with high quality.

The advantage of organic additives is the big improvement of MOR with low quantity, could be liquid to be introduced in the continuous milling process.

The disadvantage is the organic part that could provoke Black Core. Previous test must be done to find the maximal quantity for your body composition.

Organic Additives for Dry Milling Process

The Dry milling Process improve the results and process in the last years and today the quality is satisfactory and not so far than spray dried process.

Big efforts were done to improve the process, and the maximal size produced is around 50x50cm.

Neos developed a special additive that is introduced during the granulation process (Manfredini, LB other similar) that allow increase the MOR and produce a size like 60×60 or more.

Neos could produce additives tailor made for your ceramic body composition.

Organic Additives for Mixtures Stain with Spray Dried Powder

The process to color the ceramic body thru mixture spray dry powder with stain is well known by the market.

The limitation of this process was the reduction of MOR, when was added the stain to wrap the spray dried particle, no more than 1,2% of stain was allowed due to the lack of MOR.

Neos have developed additives to be mixed with the stain and spray dried powder that solve this issue and allow use high quantity without losses in the MOR in the process.