Inorganic additives

Increase the MOR in the course of the process is a big challenges because depends directly from the kind of clays used in the process.

Clays with good plasticity and behavior, from end to end, from the conformation and manipulation in green until through the glazing process are expensive and not available around the world.

The lack of Ukrainian clay in Europe and other plastic clays around the world changed the necessity of the market, and open to look for other solutions.

In the last years, the ceramic trend is produce big sizes, this circumstance made more difficult found ceramic body composition adapted to produce sizes more than 60×60 cm with high quality.

Also for technical porcelain, when the whiteness is very important, the MOR normally is lower and inorganic additives give a good solution for this issue.

The trend to produce slim tile or reduced thickness, require a good MOR to produce without breakage.

Neos is leader in inorganic additives to increase mechanical bending strengths with several patented products.

The advantage of inorganic additives is the big improvement of MOR after dry without black core in the pieces.

Neos could produce additives tailor made for your ceramic body composition.