NEOS 100

Neos 100 is a hybrid organic-inorganic binder that is introduced into the composition in order to increase the green and dry mechanical strength. Their addition can be performed during the dosing of milling process, not interfering in the rheology of the slip. The usual percentages range from 0.2-1%, depending on the preferred final mechanical resistance. Its lubricating effect, improve the pressing process in compositions with low content of plasticizer material. Furthermore, it is a suitable additive to combine with other organic binders, in order to obtain a further increase in mechanical strength without increasing the tendency of black core.

Used in: Advantages
Binder for increasing, green and dry mechanical strength of the ceramic body compositions.
  • Increase the MOR using low percentages
  • Corrector of MRO for large format of composition with lack of mechanical strength
Chemical Basis Characteristics
Hybrid binder (Organic-Inorganic)
  • Appearance: White-brownish powder
  • Bulk Density: 0.87 g/cm 3
  • pH: approx. 7.4
Shelf-life Packaging
12 month under proper and dry conditions.
  • Bags of 25 Kg
  • Jumbo Bags of 1000 Kg

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