Hybrid Additives

For the porcelain glazed tiles the combination of inorganic additives with single booster based in organic material is a good solution to grant outstanding results with low cost.

These kinds of additives could improve several characteristics in the conformation and glazing process.

The lubrication power of these additives allows improve the characteristic in green like MOR and apparent density.

Increase the MOR in the process was a big challenges because depends directly from the kind of clays used in the process.

The lack of Ukrainian clay in Europe and other plastic clays around the world, changed the necessity of the market, and opened the look for other answers.

In the last years, the ceramic trend is produce big sizes, this fact, made more difficult found ceramic body composition adapted to produce sizes more than 60×60 cm with high quality and reasonable cost.

The advantage of hybrid additives is the big improvement of MOR, low quantity of organic material, and could be liquid to introduce in the continuous milling process.

Neos could produce tailor made additives for your ceramic body composition.