DEF 19 is a booster dispersing agent combined with traditional deflocculants the efficiency increases, so reducing the thixotropy of the slips. It is a deflocculant especially designed for those compositions in the presence of a high content of soluble salts or high quantity of recycled water. The dosage is between 0.03-0.15%.

Used in: Advantages
Dispersing agent/ Deflocculant booster
  • Increase the MOR and allow produce large size with the dry milling process
  • Added in the granulation process diluted with the granulation water
Chemical Basis Characteristics
Phosphates compounds
  • Appearance: transparent liquid
  • Active matter: appox. 40 %
  • Density (20º): approx. 1.32 g/cm3
  • pH: approx. 1.5
Shelf-life Packaging
12 month under proper and dry conditions.
  • IBC – Containers of 1200 Kg