KLUSSS – The silent ceramic

We have launched our new product KLUSSS in Cevisama 2020. It’s a ‘silent’ floor tile which reduces impact noise by 96%, compared to traditional ceramics, with the same acoustic comfort as carpet. This new development has been a joint effort with our partners: Azuliber and Bestile.

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Alfa de Oro 2020: KLUSSS. A joint project with Azuliber and Bestile

Part of the Neos team celebrating the Alfa award 2020. Thank you very much to all of you, without your passion and effort the Klusss project would not have been possible. Go on challenging ideas!

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Project: New equipment organic laboratory

Our project New Equipment Organic Laboratory has been awarded with the grant of 16,864.75€
from the Consellería d’Economia Sostenible, Sectors Productius, Comerç i Treball.

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Seal of Excellence delivered by the European Commission

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Ayuda IVACE NeosAware

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Neos Aware – modeling software platform for ceramic body management


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Neos Aware: Alfa de oro 2017

Las empresas Zschimmer & Schwarz, Bestile-Neos Additives y Color Esmalt ganan los Premios Alfa de Oro 2017
Zschimmer&Schwarz, Bestile-Neos Additives y Color Esmalt, Alfa de Oro
Y los Premios Alfa de Oro en Cevisama 2017 son para…

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One year later:

Neos makes ideas come true in innovative products
La entrega de los Alfa, punto álgido de la jornada inaugural – Industria – El Periódico del Azulejo

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Maincer & Neos launch the new Powderlab

POWDERLAB_ Laboratory Crusher

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Neos is recognized as innovative SMEs

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