«There comes the new ceramic technology with half weight and thickness in response to the crisis in the ceramic industry.»

Cabanes, Castellón, Spain. The technology must be developed when most needed, currently develops rapidly. Until now it was enough to create a new pattern or color to justify new sales of ceramic tiles, but that has changed. The latter is innovation in modeling and color but at lower cost, with new applications and an eco-efficient product.

So far they have been appearing new colors and modeling, but none incorporated a technology that can reduce the consumption of raw materials, energy, water, distribution costs by 50%, all at once. Now, thanks to technology Light Tile by Neos Additives, we can have the same equipment, without any investment, the production of porcelain stoneware with weight ½ and 1/2 thick.

Neos Additives launch this new process: Light tile, that with the current machinery can produce ceramic pieces of 120 cm x 60 cm, with only 6 mm thick, that is, 50% of economy-wide supply chain.

The Neos Additives, with its new patented technology brings its bit for the ceramic sector to be competitive and to open new markets with thinner pieces and weight, that safety does not have to invest any additional euro.

This technology will be presented next week at the Cevisama fair booth Neos Additives and stand Revigres.,

About Neos Additives

Neos Additives supplier of additives for the ceramic industry, the company offers technological studies in ceramic pastes and special additives to improve productivity and cost. Neos was the winner of the 2008 Golden alpha Ecoker with your project.

The product portfolio includes binder, deflocculation, fluxes and special additives for the manufacture of porcelain stoneware.

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