Smaltochimica India and Neos Additives, leader in special additives for ceramic body

The unlimited evolution of ceramic products to large size, strong cost reduction, increase local raw materials and reduction in thickness, has been the result of continuous development of new ceramic bodies. In the center of this development is Neos Additives, company of Smaltochimica group, born in 2002 with the purpose to research ceramic bodies as a means of reaching ceramic products new frontiers. All this work, besides being awarded at international forums, is recognized by the satisfaction of our customers.

Neos offers a wide range of products, services, R & D, and modeling of ceramic compositions, using the new working platform.

What’s in our platform?

  • Powerful ceramic body Simulator and Modelling with hundreds of restrictions according to customer requirements, including pyro-hydro-plasticity and plasticity.
  • Reduction of costs.
  • Simulation of energy saving in the spray drier and firing, according to the properties of the new compositions.
  • Correction of production defects.

Additionally, Neos offers a wide range of additives that improve the properties of ceramic bodies. These additives are widely implanted in the ceramic industry, offering the highest quality standards. These additives embrace:

  • Organic additives, the dosage ranges from 0.05-0.8%. Its purpose is focused on increasing the mechanical strength of the pieces during the ceramic process, which allows to reduce the losses of production due to breakage, reduce the thickness of the piece, and produce large formats or irregular shape with handling difficult.
  • Hybrid organic-inorganic additives. The main application of these additives is in the development of ceramic bodies with low clay content. Its effect on the pressing process and the improvement in the mechanical properties, make him a partner of large format production or to developing compositions with high whiteness and low adding of opacifiers.
  • Inorganic Additives, This family of additives, in addition to its flux effect, which reduces firing cycles or lower temperatures, can increase the mechanical strength of the parts without affecting the appearance of the black core. Your possibilities are extended in the development of super white media without adding zirconium or clays also facilitate the manufacture of large-format and high thickness (20 mm).



  • Hydro- Plasticity reducing additives, The reduction in thickness and large rectangular formats bring consequently increasing curved work piece after glazing. This effect has associated a number of production defects (difficulty decoration cracks, etc…). The incorporation of these additives during the grinding process can reduce up to 40% of the curvature of the work piece due to hydro- plasticity.