New technology Neos Aware


Artificial intelligence technology provides quick solutions in changing and highly uncertain environments by evaluating millions of formulas to achieve maximum cost reduction and increased quality.

In the tile industry, design the ceramic bodies consists in several steps, starting from the raw materials selection, that does not depend just on the oxides, but also the physical characteristics, interactions, and costs arising from the raw material until the final product outcome.

This fact linked the large number of requirements, restrictions and process tolerances, makes unviable simultaneous treatment of all variables.

Neos-Aware proposes modeling, simulation and mathematical optimization as an alternative to trial-error procedure. Neos-Aware computer engineering combines self-awareness concept with the ceramic know-how, suitable to find solutions in complex and heterogeneous systems in our industry.

Neos-Aware delivers a learning platform process, which allows the technician predicting final properties of the body composition from a supposed formula. The virtuous circle is established between prediction and auto-learning, coming from experimentation, and facilitates an improvement of the calculations accuracy.

Defining restrictions is performed in a simple way, can determine the weight of each of them in the calculation of the optimal composition. The types of constraints that can be set:

  • Absolute Attribute
  • Attribute related to another
  • Relationship between attributes
  • Color parameters against standard values
  • Percentage of raw materials and the relationship between them
  • Percentage of oxides and relationship

Neos has developed mathematical algorithms that combine high-level mathematical functions with ceramic technology. These algorithms are able to solve functions with hundreds of restrictions, by evaluation and optimization, in order to find the optimal formulation for the target established by the company.