Our Mission 

To provide the most actionable solutions for the ceramic tile sector.

Neos value

Simplicity: there is  beauty and a focus in simplicity

Passion: there is no better feeling than doing what you love

Creativity: each day we try harder, get better and learn

Honesty: try to run a business that we would want to work with

Collaborate: good products and services come from collaboration

What we do

We think everyday how to help  our clients in three ways:

- Promoting advanced chemical additives

- Providing consulting and R&D services

- Developing an innovative software to model and optimize  ceramic body  compositions: Neos Aware

We started our activity in 2004, investigating new ceramic products, which have given as a result the licenses of various patents at worldwide level. Our technology has allowed clients to increase their productivity, improve problem solving, reduce expenses, decrease energetic cost and emission of CO2, and acquire knowledge at faster rates.