Neos was awarded Alfa de Oro in 2008, granted by the Spanish Society of Ceramic and Glass for innovation presented during a CEVISAMA exhibition, the  most important fair in the sector Spain.  (

We were also awarded for the second consecutive year the Alfa de Oro 2009 for the development of porcelain tile with  ½ thicknesses and weight. This revolutionary ceramic process has been developed without the need of production investment to produce large format pieces of 60cm x 120 cm, with only 6 mm thickness. (

In 2015, Neos was  awarded with the third Alfa de Oro for the development of low density ceramic tile for ceiling applications. ( )

In 2017 Neos was awarded with their fourth Alfa de Oro  for a joint project with Bestile,  in which we developed a modelling software capable of creating ceramic formulations, using artificial intelligence-based algorithms. (


Other awards and recognitions:

In 2008, Neos additives was recognized in the Castellon Cluster as “Company of the Year” for being the most youngest innovative company.

Several ceramic magazines around the world have published our technical articles, the most important  Ceramic World Review.

Also, we have presented several lectures in Italy, organized by the Italian Ceramic Society, in Spain, organized by the ITC and in Brazil, by the Brazilian Ceramic Association.

In 2016 Neos was recognized as an innovative SME