Thanks to research conducted by Neos Additives and ITC (Intituto Tecnologico Ceramico- Castellon Spain), it will be possible for the ceramic industry to implement an innovative procedure that reduces emissions of so-called acidic compounds (mainly fluorine) that occur during firing of ceramic tiles, which are an alternative to the systems current treatment (based on filters), gases that are emitted.

The process whose efficiency depends on the product being manufactured and the firing cycle employed, involves the application of a coating on the bottom surface of the tiles. This layer is designed so that its components react with acidic compounds, having the ability to fix the acidic compounds en ceramic piece and protect the rollers simultaneously.

Neos has requested a European Commission project to be funded by the LIFE+ program about the application of these coatings to minimize emissions of HF in the ceramic industry. The aim of the project is to implement the results of this research in the ceramic tile manufacturing industry and for that we have a consortium  comprised by AZULEV, CERAMIC VILLAR ÁLVARO, ITC and MAINCER.