The Pioneer in the Innovation
impulsed by the marked and the science of Ceramic Materials

Neos is a company of investigation dedicated to a future vision, consulting in modelling, optimization and chemical additives which commercialize advanced auxiliary products, provides consulting services and an innovative platform of modeling & optimizing applied in the science of material for the ceramic tile sector.

We started our activity in 2002, investigating new ceramic products, which have given as a result the licenses of various patents at worldwide level. Our technology has allowed clients to increase their productivity, reduce expense and cost, decrease energetic cost, electricity, gas consumption, and emission of CO2 improving their technical awareness of both the ceramic product and process.

We are a group of dynamic entrepreneurial people with a wide range of experience in the ceramic sector, with a firm compromise to innovate and dedicated to the development of new products; optimization & modelling of compositions and industrial process that seek the enhanced competitiveness of our clients.

In the past years, Neos has worked side by side with their clients and have been able to identify their clients and have been able to identify their needs. The results of this has led to the development of know-how and additives of new generations, which were subsequently patented in Europe and Worldwide.

In the mid 2006 research work has focused on the implementation of agreements with some major companies in the development and production of our additives for a new porcelain ceramic body composition that can greatly improve productivity. During the year 2009 Neos grew rapidly and the multinational company Smaltochimica Group joined us as shareholder of Neos Additives. This being a big impulse for the business.

Today we are working with ten of the most important ceramic group branches worldwide.

In May of 2012 Neos Additives along with Smaltochimica came upon an agreement to open two new factories to produce Neos products. Now we have production centers in Spain, Indonesia and Brazil.

In 2013 Neos consolidated the consulting services embracing all ceramic process, and developed an innovative modelling and optimizing platform: Neos Aware.

This software platform was launched during Tecnargilla 2014. It is the start of a new period is the investigation of the ceramic body using the soul artificial intelligence as to grow together in the oncoming years and to face future challenges, such as: scarceness of energy, green initiatives and saving cost.