Do you spend hours copying and pasting, debugging formulas, and figuring out where the numbers came from, why this result?┬áIf the answer to either of these questions is “Yes”, then Neos Aware is for you.

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Neos Aware


Neos-Aware is a set of tools for modeling ceramic body composition. It is a unique solution for all your modeling needs without necessity of high mathematic skills, allow you to quickly make changes and much more.

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Innovation on Ceramics


Organizations that use science to drive new product development, there is a productivity gap across their innovation and commercialization cycles putting significant pressures on margins and negatively impacting competiveness.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Fast Response Time
  • Reduce dramatically the cost
  • A simple approach to complex problems
  • Quick ROI
  • Green Solutions for ceramic tile industries
  • Pioneers in Ceramic Body Additives
  • Manage your raw materials suppliers
  • Centralize the organization knowledge
  • Enhance Business Transparency